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Piper Consulting Group has several primary offerings, all centered on empowering clients to better conceive, collect, organize and act on their data.  Please click on the high level offerings for further details on how Piper can help:

Strategic and Management Consulting - What are my objectives and how do I achieve them?

Data Warehousing and Analytics - What data does my enterprise collect and how can we use it to better measure, manage, and achieve my objectives?

Business Case Development and Strategic Analysis - Which decision is superior?  Should we do this project?

Portfolio and Project Management - How do I prioritize and fund several diverse projects?  And for a given Project, how do I ensure it is on budget, on time, and with the right functionality.

Business Processes Expertise (Assessment, Re-engineering, Optimizing) - How can our business be more efficient? What inefficiencies exist in my underlying operations?

Change Management - How can I best manage the changes to get the mission accomplished?


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