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  Data Warehouse and Analytics

Data Warehouses, and dependent Data Marts are essentially large databases. All the data in the world, however, is meaningless if it’s not well organized, or cannot be reported on in a measurable, repeatable, and comprehensive way. Simply put if an organization does not capture its data, it cannot report on it, and therefore can’t improve.

Central to any Data Warehousing effort are well designed and efficient business rules to ensure data is standardized, cleansed and meaningful. This is accomplished through business rules, or an Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) process that filters what enters the Data Warehouse.

Piper’s consultants have built Data Warehouses (and related Data Marts) for a wide range of enterprises from Telecoms to Courthouses. Their expertise has resulted in millions of dollars in savings, better allocation of employees, and greater visibility into changing situations (such as new legislation, or economic conditions). Piper’s consultants are also experts at the Data Warehouse lifecycle, building meaningful metadata, conforming dimensions, and cross enterprise reporting challenges, and all consultants have led several major Data Warehouse initiatives at large Public organizations or Fortune 100 Businesses.

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