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  Strategic and Management Consulting

Enterprises have to keep adapting to changing environments, either financial (such as decreased or increased budgets), new legislation, or larger macroeconomic trends.  For instance many public and private organizations are facing a large number of retiree eligible employees by 2012.  How will they continue to offer the same high degree of responsiveness to constituents? 

By defining a vision and objectives, often through programs and projects, Piper can help our clients plan for the future, mitigate risks, and be ready to respond to any new challenges.  Piper’s consultants have extensive experience working through strategy formulation, evaluation and implementation, to ensure that organizations have a well thought out, achievable mandates, with adequate resources to reach their goals.  Piper’s consultants typically have been Vice-Presidents or higher within corporations and have experience dealing with Corporate Boards, Congressional delegations, and other C-Level executives.

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