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Business Case Development

  Business Case Development

Business Case Development answers the question: “Should I do X or Y?” Many decisions facing today’s executives are complex, difficult, and not readily understood. For instance: do I invest in a new technology, or hire temporary workers? Or should I pay a premium of buying a Completely Off The Shelf (COTS) package or building and maintain a custom solution?

Piper’s consultants have an expertise at building ROI models that incorporate a wide range of factors, and are particularly well versed at not only incorporating tangibles, but also intangibles. All business case models start with a comprehensive interview to understand the prerequisites, but also any other goals, and then includes these in an easily understood, and equally robust and adjustable, framework to allow executives to contemplate ‘what if’ scenarios.

All of Piper's consultants typically have run a business unit at both commercial companies and governmental organizations, and so they intimately understand the complexity of these decisions.  Our experience with boils down to these primary tools:

Public Sector:  A - 76 Development and Purchase Justifications

Commercial:  Decision Support, Build vs Buy, and Sales Tools

The Public / Private Sector distinction is important, as the culture and underlying Objectives may be quite different.  And our Consultant's understand this.  For instance with Public Sector clients, when supporting Performance Work Statement (PWS) development we often see issues with PWS development that occur when consultants rewrite enterprise goals.  PCG's consultants are experts in ensuring any enterprise has the most complete PWS possible, and addressing all facets, both tangible and intangible, of the organization's metrics.    We have the experience to support any Most Efficient Organization (MEO) or Agency Tendered Offer (ATO).  Our MEO solutions have a winning track record because our consultants have a wide range of experience to provide a unique cost saving solution while keeping the work internal to the government.

Similarly on the Commercial side of the house, we understand budgetary pressures, board meetings, and the urgency at which decisions are made and implemented.  In either scenario, if you need assistance or tools in how to best make decisions, PCG can help.

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