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Corporate Culture

  Corporate Culture


The Piper Consulting Group recognizes that our Employees, Customers, and larger Community need socially responsible businesses that offer compelling, challenging and rewarding work environments.   At PCG we have an open and collegial management style, and while there are clear decisions made, our employees are encouraged to provide alternatives, options, and challenge assumptions.  These are not empty words.  We want our consultants to be empowered to focus on our customers, and to be responsible to the communities where we work and live.


The founders of Piper have the following principles as the foundations of our business:

·         Executive Pay:  No PCG employee shall make more than twelve (12x) of our lowest paid employee.  Our success is collaborative, not built on any one’s person’s effort

·         Health Care:  We will pay for our employee’s health-care needs, which we view as a fundamental right of the employer – employee contract.  PCG provides full health care to all it’s employees.

·         Charity:  Employees are encouraged to be active in charities and Community Events for any non-for-profit, with more than 3% of Profits from recent Fiscal Years going to charitable works.

·         Retirement:  PCG will contribute the maximum, up to $40K / year, to each employee’s retirement funds.

Further Piper Consulting Group has a range of other life-style benefits that benefit our employees, including:

  • Brooks Brothers:  PCG employees receive a 15% discount.  Enter Organization ID# 36201, Pin Code# 46237.
  • Jos A Bank:  PCG employees receive a 20% discount.  Enter Organization ID# 194629




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